MM Pro – Cape Town

The Problem

MM Pro is a very unique project. This company is a speciality construction firm that builds turnkey projects in commercial construction and also builds large agricultural projects. The biggest issue is the competition. There were several companies with similar names in the search results. We also had to rank the website for all services provided.

The Process and Solution

This process was intensive. I had to build the website, and rank it. However, given the nature of the search results and the company position it also required online reputation mangement, staff training, and also a variety of entities linking back to the site such as social media.

Project and Process included:

    • Build the website
    • Establish the brand in the search results
    • Optimise on page content
    • Build backlinks to increase authority
    • Create a PR campaign

How it was achieved?

A considerable amount of consideration went into this campaign. It had to be well thought out and planned. The site was built using a premium lightweight theme. All the content on each web page was optimised along with taking special attention E-A-T and YMYL optimisation.

After that, I proceeded with a back link campaign and I also created a PR campaign.

The Results

In a word, excellent. The client is happy and I am currently maintaining the website and rankings.

Neil Manchip SEO Consultant